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Nutritional Response Testing, Trapped Emotional Therapies, Health Counseling

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The Deets!

What is NRT?

Nutrition Response Testing is a non-invasive system of assessing the bodys organs, systems and functions to determine all areas of distress in the body, and the underlying causes of that distress. We are able to uncover all toxicities and deficiencies in the body, so we can begin to safely and effectively detox the body. With Nutrition Response Testing, we focus on the root of the issue – not just the symptoms. This technique is a form of applied kinesiology or otherwise known as “muscle-testing”.

How Does It Work?

Nutrition Response Testing, or muscle testing, allows your own body to communicate on a cellular level where imbalances are occurring and potential causes of these imbalances. Examples of imbalances in the body are metabolic weight issues, digestive distress, fertility complications, mood swings, mental health diagnosis, restlessness, fatigue, chronic infections and many more!

The Nutrition Response Testing procedure is performed lying down with your arm extended straight. The assessment is done against a strong muscle indicator (immovable arm). If the tested area on the body is under stress, the Autonomic Nervous System will respond by reducing energy to the extended arm, meaning the arm will weaken and drop. While many areas may show up on the scan, we are able to narrow it down to the one priority area that started this “degenerative party” in the first place. After locating the main area of distress, we want to uncover what caused that stress to the body, we check the 5 most common stressors that can cause symptoms of poor health. These stressors include heavy chemical toxicity, hidden food allergies/sensitivities/indigestibility, heavy metal toxicity, immune challenges and scar interferences. When these stressors accumulate in our body over time, they can impair the function of major endocrine glands, metabolic glands and organs that are crucial to our health. Once the underlying issues are discovered, the next step in Nutrition Response Testing is to see what nutrients your body may be lacking due to this toxin overload. When your body receives the proper nutrients in the forms of whole food essential minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, many imbalances in your body come back into balance. When this happens, symptoms lessen and, in most cases, disappear.

Sessions are 30 minutes long and weekly sessions are usually recommended for the first 4-6 weeks, then spread out determined on your specific needs.


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