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I Feel Ya...

Although excited to have the opportunity of getting our community well, this decision was not part of my plan.

Though I looked healthy from the outside, overtime I felt like I was beginning to fall apart internally. I was working long hours with little sleep, I was irritable, having unexplained skin breakouts, intense back pain, a complete loss of sex drive and was living on coffee, which seemed to do nothing for my chronic fatigue.

Eventually I woke up with debilitating intestinal pain, something I’ve never felt before. This feeling slowly went away after a few days, but I never knew where it came from. A few weeks later I moved to NYC, and was working...a lot. My health began to slip and the intestinal pain came back. At first it started only if i had a large meal late at night, but it quickly turned into an issue with anything I ate, at anytime of day. I was in constant pain and my belly was bloated like I was 8 months pregnant. Eventually I ended up in the E.R, where I was given a pregnancy ultrasound and checked for ovarian cysts. Once both of those diagnoses were ruled out, I was sent on my way. I wanted to scream. I was tired of feeling like this, and frustrated by the lack of answers.

ALAS, I came across something called Nutrition Response Testing (NRT), during the first session the practitioner found that I was experiencing a parasitic infection, which had caused a leaky gut, thus overtime making my body very sensitive to almost all foods. FINALLY ANSWERS! She put me on a specific protocol, of whole food nutritional supplements, that my body selected, within two weeks, I felt better than I had in years! 

I knew I had to go into this work myself. Many of us today walk around feeling awful on the inside, making our day to day activities seem exhausting and difficult. However, just because this is common, does NOT make it normal! 

As a practitioner in Nutrition Response Testing, I safely and effectively find toxins in the body that we encounter every day. The stressor categories I address are parasites, chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria, virus, fungus/yeast, and foods. An abundance of these toxins in the body can drastically affect our well-being. I work with people who feel that they are doing the right things but still feel something is “just off”. I locate and clear the ROOT of the issue, rather than just placing a band-aid on the symptom. My practice of assessing the body is precise to you, no two bodies are the same, therefore no two remedies will be the same. This gives the body the ability to successfully unwind, getting to a place of self-healing and self-regulation.

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